Edges of an Octahedron transforming to edges of a Cube. In this series of models edges are shown rotating about radial lines from the origin to their midpoints. This series depicts the transformation in Tensegrity mode, with the rotated edges representing compression elements, or sticks. This is a continuation of Twelve Edge Transformation Part 1

In this model, the rotated edges have become oriented into four parallel sets of three, aligned with 4 axes of symmetry. As parallel groups, these struts can be extended as beams. In this form, the tension network is aligned with edges of a Truncated Octahedron. A 3D design created in vZome. Use your mouse or touch to interact.

In this next stage of transformation, the struts ore rotated to another skew orientation, colored white. A Cube is now included as a reference frame.

In this stage, the struts have rotated further, and the tension network is aligned with edges of a Snub Cube.

Next stage, brown struts.

In this orientation, brown struts can extend to intersect as equilateral triangles.

Rotated to maroon color orientation.

Lavender, approaching alignment with Cube.

An animation of this transformation can be seen in this Video