This is a continuation of the series described in Thirty Edges Transform Part 1

Edges of an Icosahedron transforming to edges of a Dodecahedron. In this series of models, edges are shown rotating about radial lines from the origin to their midpoints. These models are all chiral, there could be another set of directions that mirror these. This series depicts the transformation in Tensegrity mode, with the rotated edges representing compression elements, or sticks.

The first model shows edges rotated into alignment as 6 sets of parallel groups, 5 in each. These groups, or beams, are oriented around 6 axes of icosahedral symmetry. A Dodecahedron is shown as reference frame.

A 3D design created in vZome. Use your mouse or touch to interact.

The next stage in this transformation is the green colored orientation. These lines can extend to intersect as 5 interlinked Tetrahedra.

At this stage of the transformation, this model shows an orientation in which the tension elements are aligned with the edges of a Snub Dodecahedron.

The next is lavender colored.

The next stage has orange colored struts. In this orientation, lines can be extended to intersect as 6 interlinked pentagons.

Yellow color. At this stage the struts resolve into 10 sets of parallels, 3 in each set.

Rose colored struts are in another skew orientation, approaching alignment with Dodecahedron edges.

An animation of this transformation can be viewed Here

For a continuation of this series see Twelve and thirty strut polylinks