A 290-hedron in icosahedral symmetry. This is partially zonohedral. It is composed of struts that are all unit lengths in the green directions of vZome. It uses all 30 of these directions. These are the directions of the 5 Oct-Tet systems inherent in icoahedral symmetry.

A 3D design created in vZome. Use your mouse or touch to interact.

This is evidenced by looking at the 30 square faces as mid-section planes of 5 sets of 6 Octahedra.

Here is shown the zonohedral part of the composition. A pair of oblate polar Enneacontahedra, with 10 directions and 90 faces each are shown in the framework. The full poyhedron can be seen as a merge of 12 such Enneacons, only retaining the outer part of each of them that conforms to the convex hull.