This page shows some compositions of 9 directional Polar Zonohedra. Arrays of these 72-hedra are built symmetrically around a polar axis. Spaces between the major cells are occupied with subcells, which are rhombic hexahedra and dodecahedra with all edges being unit lengths parallel with some of the original 9 coordinate directions. Major cells can be connected by shared vertices at poles, and can be connected by shared edges with adjacent cells.

This is a continuation of the series including 8 Direction Arrays and others.

A ring of 9 72-hedron cells surrounding a pair
An extension of the array shown above
Another version of extended array.

Building out from a shared polar vertex with a chiral composition of subcells, as shown in the figure below, leads to a 72-hedron with edge lengths twice the original unit. This is a kind of self-similarity.

A pair of 72-hedra with a chiral arrangement of subcells between.
An 18 direction polar zonohedron with a pair of zones marked.