This shows Catalan Solids with their Archimedean Duals. Specifically, it is about how these Catalan Polyhedra can be built with vZome. A full description of Catalans can be seen Here

This is a continuation of Catalan Solids Part 1

3D designs created in vZome. Use your mouse or touch to interact.

Disdyakis Dodecahedron with Truncated Cuboctahedron
Triakis Icosahedron with truncated Dodecahedron
Pentakis Dodecahedron with Truncated Icosahedron
Disdyakis Triacontahedron with Truncated Icosidodecahedron
Tetrakis Hexahedron with Truncated Octahedron
Triakis Tetrahedron with Truncated Tetrahedron