This shows five zonohedra coinciding. All share Octahedral Symmetry, having in common the 8 vertices of a Cube. There is the Cube itself, with 3 directions, the Rhombic Dodecahedron with 4 directions, the Triacontahedron with 6 directions, and the Enneacontahedron with 10 directions. There is also a Truncated Octahedron, which, with its hexagonal faces subdivided into 3 rhombuses each, is also a zonohedron with 6 directions. The Scenes dropdown menu shows zonohedra with faces filled in, some combinations, and a view of the coincidence within a large cube, which has its faces coplanar with some of the Triacon and Enneacon faces.

A 3D design created in vZome. Use your mouse or touch to interact.

Zonohedra Coincidence