These models illustrate a sequence. A Truncated Octahedron is shown transforming to a regular Rhombic Triacontahedron, through variant triacontahedra, to a Cube. All concentric polyhedra share the vertices at corners of the cube. Stages are shown in Scenes.

A 3D design created in vZome. Use your mouse or touch to interact.

TO Triacon Cube Transformation

In the model below, a Triacontahedron is surrounded by a Truncated Octahedron, surrounded by a Triacontahedron in an alternate orientation, at twice the scale of the inner one. These concentric stages are separate, do not share any vertices. Scenes shows them separately, partially paneled.

Triacon-Truncated Octahedron-Triacon

The model below is akin to the first one above, but has many more stages in the transformation. It also includes an alternate sequence from the Cube back out to the Truncated Octahedron. As in the first model, all polyhedra share the 8 cube corners. Scenes shows these two sequences as A set and B set.


This video is an animation of the model above.